Posted by: Edward Saugstad | July 11, 2008

BIG, BIG BANG and other stuff (4)

Here I am again!
If you just started reading this here, you can do your own time-travel by going down and reading the other stuff I wrote in the past.
Now I’m going to give you one more BIG, BIG BANG, but this time bigger and better than the past ones … (there’ll be no more BIG, BIG BANGs coming on this page in the future, but lots of other things)


  1. That’s funny, Oakee!

    But, I just wanted to ask – Why does one eye look squashed in your picture at the top, and why do you seem to be missing fingers?

    thanks (I love your adventures)

    greetings from South Africa,

  2. Hi, Gwendl!

    That photo shows me when I just woke up.
    Actually, I have the normal number of fingers, but whenever someone shows up as a cartoon caracter, they automatically lose a couple of fingers in the process (don’t ask me why).


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