Posted by: Edward Saugstad | July 11, 2008

BIG, BIG BANG and other stuff (3)

See! If you look down, you’ll see the last BIG, BIG BANG is down there in the past.
It might seem confusing, but it’s not.

Did you know that time is just an illusion. I’m not kidding! I went back in time once – it was lots of fun! Maybe you can even read about it sometime in a new book that’ll be called ‘The Timeless Machine’ (not finished yet). But it was for a very special reason. Normally, it’s not a good idea to spend a lot of time watching the past or the future. It’s much nicer to enjoy right now, ’cause now is where you can feel all the happiness and love and other great stuff – and as much as you want. Really! It never runs out if you can keep your tap open! But you have to keep the balance by keeping your heart open, and not getting sad or angry too much, or too long.

So, now, just for fun, I’m going to jump up to the future again by going up to the next blog-post and leaving this one in the past.
Here I go …

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