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OAKEE DOAKEE and the Hate Wave
ISBN# 978-0-9551503-6-4

OAKEE DOAKEE and the Ego Bomb
ISBN# 978-0-9551503-9-5


  1. Amazing website! Loved it! My daughter Ana Bianca loved the Cloud Outburst image very very much!

    We’ll definitely order the books and recommend the website to our friends!



  2. very beautiful and would like to be informed on all the books published so far and likely to be publised and from where these can be bought since i m keen to buy them for my children

  3. The books came yesterday from Amazon. I read the first last night, and could not stop until I finished the second one this morning. Such sweet books! Thank you Sir Ed Word. I will read them again to my grandchildren.

    When will we get the next adventure?

    Love, Karen

  4. (next one will pop out some time in the future 🙂 )

  5. I picked up Oakee Doakee and the Ego Bomb this morning, to read with my morning coffee. I decided since it was a child’s book that I would read it in the ‘mind space’ that my grandson (7) or my other little friends, between the ages of 6-10, would have. I LOVE IT! I find it hard to put down. I have only started it, but I am a reader and enjoy a good book; have put many down without finishing because they never ‘kept me’… but I can’t wait to find out what happens NEXT! Besides that, I was speaking to my mom tonight, and she too received her copy of your book. She too is reading it … she being an avid reader as well … and she also is very much into it and half way done now. We discussed it and she feels the same … you can’t stop reading it! So … CUDOS TO YOU SIR ED WORD!! Very well done!


  6. Hi again … I talked to my mom tonight … she has just finished the first book. She loves it big time and told me she thinks that it should be made into a Walt Disney type movie … so there you go!

  7. Dear Edword,

    I just wanted to let you know that our daughter Sandra enjoys the adventures of Oakee Doakee very much. In the evening it is quite easy to bring her to bed because she knows that she can listen to another chapter of Oakees stories. And she gets the point of the story.
    So now we started the second book and are already eager to know what will happen next.

    Thanks for the stories.

    All the Best,

  8. Beautiful books – I am done reading one nearly. My wife and son enjoyed it as well.

    (Washington D.C.)

  9. Oakee goes after the root of problems …
    As a pediatrician, it is with great relief that I welcome the Oakee series. In the second installment, the subtle philosophy of innocence and the description of the “enemy” of the current times are just wonderful. There are some cultural references outside the western world and that is a good way to widen our horizon to other cultures and great traditions.
    Most grown-ups will enjoy this a lot, together with their children.

    (Alberta, Canada)

  10. I received the books and have been reading. They’re delightful!

    Thanks again in advance for sending me a signature to place in them. They’re going to my granddaughters for Christmas.

    Cindy from Wisconsin

  11. Hello Sir Ed Word:

    Gave g’daughter #1 (8 yrs old) your Oakee Doakee books yesterday, and she had six chapters read by the time they got home from the Thanksgiving celebration. REALLY, REALLY likes the story!

  12. Well, how’s this for adoration?

    My granddaughter wants book # 3 — NOW!! So? When will this be available? And when it is, can I be so bold as to ask for an autographed copy?


  13. Uncle Ed wrote:

    Hmmm – interesting. I guess because I put my heart into the books. The easiest thing in the world is to love love 🙂

    (I’ll send you a hand-written dedication when the time comes)

  14. When is Oakee’s next adventure being published? We cannot wait!

  15. (sometime late in 2011 … sorry for your wait!)

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