Posted by: Edward Saugstad | May 11, 2021

my China interview, reloaded (中文翻译)

new, edited version of my recent Oakee Doakee, children’s books, interview 🌞

Posted by: Edward Saugstad | April 18, 2021

the RAMAYANA reloaded

Posted by: Edward Saugstad | February 16, 2021

Sir Ed Word and the Magic Castle!

My creator, Sir Ed Word, his artist wife and their son, the prince, journey to the MAGIC CASTLE! (And return down the forested mountain in the dark of night!)

Posted by: Edward Saugstad | February 18, 2019

Oki Doki audiobook! (German)

NEU! ‘Oki Doki und die Hasswelle’ – als Hörbuch 😁
(my first book, now available as an audiobook in German)
als CD: 12 💶
als Download: 8 💶
Kapitel 6 & 7:

Posted by: Edward Saugstad | November 22, 2017

from chapter 5 of Oakee Doakee and the Ego Bomb

Posted by: Edward Saugstad | December 1, 2012


the new novel is FINALLY READY!





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Thousands of years ago, when cavemen still roamed the rest of the world, kingdoms and advanced technology thrived in the mysterious East. The oldest surviving story on Earth tells of a king who was forced to banish his beloved son to the wilderness. This noble heir to the throne is believed by some to have been a benevolent deity incarnated in human form, who came to teach mankind the highest qualities of selfless love. But our science could find no evidence of the fantastic events of that lost culture, when men and beasts spoke with each other and demons stole flying machines from the gods. There was no proof until a little boy from modern times stumbled back through the thick curtain of time, into the most thrilling period of prehistory, to participate in events that would shape the entire human race.

At last, we know the truth….

Posted by: Edward Saugstad | August 8, 2012

The new BOOK is almost finished!




Posted by: Edward Saugstad | August 2, 2012



getting close to the grand climax!


Posted by: Edward Saugstad | July 4, 2012

the bridge to Lanka!


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