Posted by: Edward Saugstad | July 15, 2008


Hi again …

Did you read the end of the first book about me? Did you enjoy the part after I meditate near Mount Kailash? That was a GREAT feeling. That magical lake started rising straight up into the sky, taking me with it. The loving cool breeze filled my heart and I felt like singing for joy!

You can see me in this picture.

I really hope the whole world felt that love and joy that day.

It was totally super!


CLOUDBURST © 2008 Edward E. Saugstad


    how does that meditating thing work?


  2. Hi Hobb from Iceland!

    Meditating is the easiest and best thing in the world! It makes you really calm and clear and ready for anything. The main thing is that you feel the soft cool breeze coming out of your hands and the top of your head. If not, just put your hand on your heart and ask Mother Nature to help you feel your REAL self. If you close your eyes and just enjoy the quiet, happy feelings that come with the COOL VIBRATIONS, you’re in meditation.

    Meditation is a special way to be, different than sleeping or being awake, and it’s really important to feel.


    (oh, yeah – and you can keep your hands open to feel that special, cool power)

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